Tigris Incorporated – Pronounced [TYE-gris]

Like Tiger with an iss on the end… NOT to be confused with Tiggeris (like Tigger from Winnie the Pooh) or Tigress (as in a woman regarded as daring & fierce).

Tigris’ company name is derived from the Tigris River which is historically believed to have run through the Garden of Eden and the first known birthplace of mankind (and to some, Adam & Eve) thousands of years ago. The Garden of Eden was a climatic paradise and full of natural bounty and vegetation that can be easily taken for granted with modern technology and luxuries.

The Tigris name and company was founded on this ideology and general mission to contribute to the success and prosperity of our clients. Our goal as an event staffing agency is to pursue and perfect the best people in the business who are proactive, responsible, outgoing, excellent and have vision. Over the past 12 years, we have evolved from a staffing agency to a full service experiential marketing company – but our original premise and intentions have never wavered.

What is Tigris’ Point of Difference?

Tigris Personnel event staffOur team will see your event through, from start to finish, as a seamless extension of your business.
Tigris is a national event staffing and experiential marketing agency dedicated to developing meaningful consumer connections. Creating an association that is relevant and significant to your customer, while simultaneously delivering your key messages, will result in a long-term loyalty to your brand. We believe in the value of understanding your target market so we can implement innovative event solutions, and provide valuable market research results to directly impact your bottom line.

We have invaluable industry insights and experiential expertise at your service.
Tigris’ in-house experiential marketing team uses a team-focused approach and client centric work ethic to meet the needs and exceed the goals of each and every event/program. Our Tigris team turns ideas into reality based on the elements you would like to include in your event, ranging from themed concepts, creative services, graphic design & printing, promotional products, uniforms and more!

Our experiential marketing campaigns are executed by a team of dynamic, professional events staff.
Before participating in any event, our Tigris team of events staff will immerse itself in your business and your brand, thereby enabling them to interact with your existing and potential clients at a level far superior than the industry standard.  Our events staff will promote the product and/or services your company provides with accuracy, professionalism and unparalleled enthusiasm. We have national reach with more than 600 part-time events staff in Ontario and close to 1,500 nation wide.

Only the top candidates are chosen to work with Tigris & represent you, our valued client.
Among hundreds of applicants, only a handful are selectively chosen from each city to either facilitate with Tigris’ internal marketing team and/or represent our clients, in field, as a temporary staff with Tigris.  Due to our selective criteria, our team is comprised of well spoken, attractive and multicultural individuals, who have what it takes to execute a profitable program you can be proud of.  All of our events staff will be trained to represent your company’s brand image and promote/sell related products or services with vigour.
We would love to plan your next event so we can “bring YOUR brand to life with the power of presence“.
You won’t be disappointed!




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