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Here are some of the wonderful things tigris talent from our roster have to say about their experience working with us. After all, our greatest asset are our people so what we invest in them, we and our clients receive back tenfold. Given how well we aim to treat our team, many staff have been on board for several years which is amazing in an industry which has a fairly high turn over. We are so glad to not only support brands across the country, but also invest in the generations of tomorrow by contributing to their personal and professional development. Enjoy!

Samuel :: It isn’t often that one encounters an organization that strikes the perfect balance between creativity and professionalism, client care and staff support, stable business practices and groundbreaking business solutions. If your experience with other companies has been less than stellar, or if you simply want to get it right the first time, look no further than Tigris. A++!

Paulina :: Invaluable experience, amazing friends and hundreds of priceless memories is what I gained in the 6 years I worked for Tigris. Serena is a strong leader, and one of the main reasons no other experiential marketing company I worked for compared. I can honestly say that I wouldn’t be the person I am today if it weren’t for Tigris. Tigris is the perfect company to join if you’re an ambitious and out-going individual who’s looking to make great cash while having tons of fun. It actually makes me smile writing this review because so many memories come to mind πŸ™‚ I’ll never forget my time with Tigris.

Craig :: Great working with such a fabulous company!

Leasha :: I have always enjoyed the fun and professional atmosphere at Tigris. All events are always exceptionally organized and all staff are held to a high standard. I feel privileged to work for such a great leader and be part of such a great team!

Sarah :: Working for Tigris has truly been a whirlwind of endless adventures! Not just the enthusiasm you encounter from the staff but the professionalism and friendliness Tigris offers is a force to reckon with!

Dimitiz :: Tigris is a great company! Not only do they value their employees, but they go out of their way to make you feel comfortable and ready for every event. I really enjoy working for this amazing company πŸ™‚

Anita :: Its been awesome working for Tigris all these years! The management, staff and fun jobs made it a wonderful experience that I will always remember!

Alexandra :: So glad I’ve had the opportunity to work for Tigris, it’s such an amazing company. Each event is always so fun, new and exciting! I’m looking forward to a successful new year!

Sabine :: Working with Tigris was one of the best experience I had .They are professional, they respect their employees and their clients. They have a way to create brand awareness and they know how to make it fun. I am looking forward to working with you again ! Tigris is the best promotion agency in Canada !

Jenn :: Having worked for Tigris for many years, it is such a fun and dynamic company with lots of opportunity to build my marketing skills and client experience. The team is professional and endorses leadership skills with constant motivational drivers. Keep up the great work!

Haylie :: Being able to have fun and enjoy work is such a bonus! Tigris has the best events and staff you could hope for! Not only is Serena extremely professional but the people I met working for Tigris are still my friends today πŸ™‚

Nicole :: It was such a pleasure to work with Tigris! We did so many fun events it barely felt like work, not to mention the staff were always great and I made some great friends over the years! This job provided valuable experiences that I carry with me today.

Marco :: Professional, reliable and definitely an industry leader in marketing and event staffing! Great way to increase exposure for any small or large company.

Candace :: I love working with Tigris … starting off as an Events Staff a few years back, to where I am now has been such an amazing experience. I have learned so much about the industry and it has shown me skills which I never knew I had!

Sara :: I have thoroughly enjoyed my time working for Serena and the rest of the wonderful staff and firmly back Tigris as a professional and reputable staffing agency for any type of event. Not to mention, the daily motivational e-cards are so great πŸ™‚

Catherine :: Tigris is one of the few companies I work for that I can honestly say is consistently on the ball with every promotion they do. They put a lot of importance on being organized and doing the best work they can, for the clients and the staff.

Jessica :: Tigris is an incredible company to work for! Working as a team or individual it is always a great working atmosphere.

Stacy :: Love working for Tigris as a promotional model. All of the events are super fun and exciting! The staff are extremely hard working, friendly and professional and always do their best to make work as fun as possible. Looking forward to spending another year with this company!

Jamie :: I’ve worked with Tigris for a couple of years and loved everything about it!!

Caitlin :: An exceptional company run by leaders in the industry responsible for covering all diverse events! Tigris has all of your marketing needs, whatever the occasion!

Amber-Lee :: Working for Tigris was the best choice I had ever made. Not only did I love the work, professionalism, other staff members, and gaining confidence/experience in sales, but it led me to make great connections with people and companies from all over that I still work with in my full-time career today. It looks amazing to have Tigris on a resume and it definitely provides you with experience and skills that you will use the rest of your life!

Devon :: I’ve worked with many companies over the last ten years (I mean that very literally) and Tigris always stands out. When I’m asked about a recommendation for a company or someone looking to join a new promotional team, I always recommend Tigris first. From the staff side: I feel respected, that I’m given as much information as possible to work the event and I’m not worried about “when” I’m getting paid. Serena makes her staff a priority. New clients will want to work with Serena Schwab and the Tigris Team because they’re efficient, reliable and easy to communicate with.

Caitlin :: Tigris is an talented, innovative, & professional agency. The level of professionalism, organization and communication between the client, administration staff and ambassadors is out of this world! I couldn’t be happier to be apart of the team!

Tatijana :: In my 6 years with Tigris I gained experience in many different areas which make me successful today. Tigris is a top notch company to work for, who is lead by a dynamic and brilliant entrepreneur. Tigris always delivered quality, consistent and fun work, where I was compensated very well. I would recommend Tigris to anyone who is ambitious and looking for a solid employer.

Phil :: Tigris has been a great team to be a part of. I’ve learned a lot and developed my communication skills through the various campaigns. Serena always impresses me with her organization and leadership.


Marky :: Worked with the Tigris team on several corporate gigs. The attention to detail and professionalism of this team is what makes them stick out from the rest.

Kaveh :: I was fortunate to have worked in this field with such a strong team as Tigris provided. The upper level management provided exceptional guidance, training and support. Their employees were diligently selected to maximally represent clients with positive results. My time with Tigris was crucial in the development and improvement in the art of communication, teamwork and interpersonal skills and it also provided many opportunities to take on a leadership role.

Kyle :: I have been working for Tigris for years now. It has been beyond my expectations of professionalism and reliability. It has been gratifying & enjoyable in many ways.

Veronique :: I have been so lucky to work with Tigris over the past years. They are real experts at creating the ultimate brand experience and I continue to love being a part of it!

Asante :: You guys have been my rock for years now- You make me feel valued, respected, and a real member of the team! And such an attractive team, might I add πŸ˜‰ Much love ladies!

Sairah :: I’ve worked for Tigris  for a couple of years now. I’ve had the privilege of working multiple events such as LCBO samplings with Churchill Cellars, helped run the Ten Star booth at WEMF, and I have even worked private parties as well. It’s such an outstanding well managed company, and it is one in which I truly respect. I know Tigirs is only going to continue to grow and flourish! I am honoured to be a member of their team.

Chris :: My time at Tigris was so fundamental in launching me in the business world. The variation of work, opportunity and training are a cornerstone of who I am today. The level of professionalism and accountability is unparalleled in the industry and I believe it to be the key of Tigris’ success both with their clients and staff relations.

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