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Head Office

Serena Holmes – President & CEO  c. 647-896-6584 e.
Helene Scime – Account Director c. 905-442-5266 e.
Trellaney Opara – Account Manager  c. 647-896-0644 e.
Amy Zhou – Account Manager c. 647-868-2699 e. 
Joanna Olaru – Account Coordinator c.647-686-3221 e.
Nicole Delorme – Marketing Manager c. 647-999-6871 e.

Regional Offices: Account Management & Events Staff

CALGARY, AB – Management: Kaidy Morgan | Assisted by: Jolene Long & Ashley Martin-Longstaff
There are close to 200 events staff & 4 event managers on the Calgary roster

EDMONTON, AB – Management: Brandi LaPerle | Assisted by: Pamela Velt
There are over 75 events staff & 2 event managers on the Edmonton roster  

VANCOUVER. BC – Management: Amber Hall | Assisted by: Andy Yu
There are over 100 events staff on the Vancouver roster

VICTORIA, BC – Management: Casey White
There are approximately 25 events staff on the Victoria roster

KELOWNA, BC – Management: Alana MacKay
There are approximately 25 events staff on the Kelowna roster

SASKATOON/REGINA, SKThere are approximately 15 events staff in Saskatoon and 5 in Regina

TORONTO, ON – Management: Helene Scime, Trellaney Opara, Amy Zhou, Joanna Olaru & Nicole Delorme
There are more than 600 events staff on the Toronto roster as well as 25 event managers

OTTAWA, ON – Management: Sara Korajian. There are approximately 50 events staff on the Ottawa roster  

NORTHEAST, ON – Management: Joanne Blouin
There are approximately 20 events staff on the Northeast roster which includes Barrie, Timmins, North Bay

SOUTHWEST, ON – Management: Jessica Davidson | Assisted by: Tabitha LaFlamme
There are approximately 25 events staff on the Southwest roster including Kitchener, Waterloo, London

MONTREAL, QC & MARITIMES – Management: Tom Malone | Assisted by: Vanessa Belanger
 There are approximately 75 events staff in the Quebec/Maritimes rosters including 50 in Montreal, 10 in Quebec City, 10 in Moncton, 10 in Halifax & 5 in St. John’s

Please note: our rosters vary in size based on the demand for staff. If there are ever any requirements for events staff that cannot be accommodated with the existing roster, regional account managers will recruit, interview & hire new candidates. Interviews are conducted every other month in Toronto and quarterly in other major cities.

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